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2 min read

Supporting Role as Grandparents

Being a grandparent is a special role filled with love, joy, and the opportunity to support our family in various ways. One important aspect of this support is understanding and respecting you are the "supporting role" when it comes to their family's...

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3 min read

The Power of a Tribe in a Keto Community

The Power of Tribe: Why a Keto Community Can Transform Your Healing Journey

Embarking on a keto lifestyle can be a transformative experience, bringing about numerous health benefits and improved quality of life. However, navigating this dietary &...

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4 min read

Keto, Heart Attack and the Tough Decision to Medicate

Surviving a heart attack is an experience that changes you forever. It's a terrifying ordeal that makes you realize the fragility of life and the importance of taking care of yourself.  Having a heart attack, 4 stents put in, and the rebuilding of my...

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