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Tammie Laubacher LMT, PHC

Hello and welcome to my Tribe.

I am a Medical Massage Therapist, a Certified Primal Health Coach, and a Dr. Boz Keto Coach. I do not just coach & teach this lifestyle, I walk it, talk it, live it and breath it.  I have used Nutritional Ketosis to withdraw from narcotics and many other medications to help rebuild my health. Now I am ready to help you do the same. I understand the struggles you will face in your health journey. Being a 21 year Cancer Survivor, a Heart Attack Survivor, and many more ailments in between, I know what it takes to turn your health around, get off the medication roller coaster, and rebuild your health. 

You have to find the determination and direction to take your life back. Stop making excuses, and just do it. Build your tribe, or join ours in the links below. Learning to rebuild health at the cellular level is such a miracle we all can tap into.  God gave each of us a self healing machine to work with.  I want to teach you how to nourish your body and give it the strength to do it's job at the most efficient level it can.

If you are looking for some Hope, I am here to give it to you.  If you are looking for a path to turn your health around and find a quality of life you will enjoy again, I am your person.  If you are looking for a Coach that will hold you accountable and teach you how to stop making excuses for your bad habits, I will be that Coach.  Are you ready to make the best decision for your health? Let's do this together.

Take my hand, I got you.



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Healing your mind & heart is part of this journey.  Ketosis done right actually helps heal the brain


Loving your body enough to give it what it needs to heal.  The real goal is metabolic health. Weightloss is just a happy accident.


As I grow in this walk, I am amazed at how similar the discipline in our spiritual life, is the same and discipline we need in our health journey.


If we look at food as nutrition and medicine, we can heal.  If we only want our next dopamine response, addiction will win. You make the choice.


Learning to manage stress and keep cortisol low, will help you decrease inflammation and heal your body.


Being mindful of everything in your home is one more level living a healthy lifestyle.  Eliminating toxins where you can will help.


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We can all do this

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