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Helping you Build Metabolic Health

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Tammie Laubacher LMT, PHC


Survivor turned Health Coach

I am a Medical Massage Therapist, a Certified Primal Health Coach, and a Dr. Boz Keto Coach.  I not only coach and teach this lifestyle, I walk it, talk it, live it, and breathe it.  It's what keeps me alive.


A Coach That Has Been There.


Are you tired of walking your health journey alone? Not sure what building Metabolic Health can do for you?  Here are a few things you can use this process for.  Many Metabolic Health issues can be reversed through Nutritional Ketosis and a healthy lifestyle.  I have used Nutritional Ketosis to reverse Anxiety, Depression, Pre-Diabetes, High BP, Peripheral Neuropathy.  This process has been a major support in breaking addictions in the brain to allow me to withdraw from 18 years of narcotics, and many other medications. Thus, helping to rebuild my metabolic health, reverse disease, and regain my life. 

I am now ready to pay it forward and help you do the same and reach your health goals. 




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The Health Coach with a Metabolic Plan 


Rebuilding Health Needs a Plan and a Coach that Understands


 I understand how hard this is and the struggles you will face in your health journey. Disease andWarrior walking treatments can wreak havoc on your entire body.  Reversing this damage is how you will rebuild your metabolic health. One step at a time, and one cell at a time.  Nutritional Ketosis is the weapon you will use to fight back, rebuild, and empower your body to heal and be the best YOU, you can be.


Being a 21-year Cancer Survivor, a Heart Attack Survivor, and many more ailments in between, I know the work it takes to fight back and turn your health around, get off the medication roller coaster, and rebuild your health. 



Nutritional Ketosis is a Chemistry Shift, not a Dirty Diet. 


Keto Continuum is a literal step-by-step process to shift your chemistry and build health at the cellular level. Ketosis done right can help or reverse all of these ailments:

  • Pre Diabetes/Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Metabolic Damage
  • Neuropathy
  • Addiction
  • A.D.D.
  • Dementia
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • And so much more

You have to find the determination and direction to take your life back. Stop making excuses, and just do it. Metabolic Health is a process worth striving for. 


Need a Coach?

Need a Coach that's been there?  That has worked through the struggles of life after cancer, and other deadly diseases?  I've been there, I GET IT!!!  This is not always an easy fix.   But it is one that is so worth fighting for, and your efforts will pay off.  You can build health again.  You can have your life back.  I can show you how.




Learning to rebuild health at the cellular level is such a miracle we can all tap into.  God gave each of us a self-healing machine to work with.  I want to teach you how to nourish your body and give it the strength to do its job at the most efficient level it can.

If you are looking for some Hope, I am here to give it to you.

If you are looking for a step-by-step plan, I have it. 

If you are looking for a path to turn your health around and find a quality of life you will enjoy again, I am your person. 

If you are looking for a Coach that will hold you accountable and teach you how to stop making excuses for your bad habits, Tammie Laubacher LMT PHC, will be that Coach.  You do not have to struggle alone.


What a Coach can do.

  • Help you understand and process your personal body chemistry.
  • Show you when and how to add "good stress" to your body to push to the next level of healing.
  • Hold you accountable and focused.
  • Cheer you on as you reach those health goals.
  • Teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle that will not derail your health goals.
  • Break old habits and build new healthy ones.
  • Help you break your addiction to foods.
  • Teach you new coping skills. (besides FOOD)

Have you ever worked through a program only to find yourself stuck or plateaued?  You start out great, and then your progression seems to stop you in your tracks.  Your old habits creep back in and you are right back at square one.  

This is the beauty of a Coach and Keto Continuum.  I will teach you the steps of building and reading your personal chemistry so you will learn to work through every hurdle or plateau in your process of healing.  

As your Coach, I can help you decipher your personal body chemistry to know exactly how to move you to the next level in your health journey.  One step closer to reaching your health goals.




Are you ready to make the best decision for your health?  If you need direction and guidance through this journey, Join forces with me as we transition your chemistry one step at a time using Dr. Boz's Keto Continuum to teach you the science of this process, along with my Coaching and Accountability App for your phone. Together we will help turn your health around. Teaching you to apply this step-by-step process to your life. 

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You will be amazed at how good you can feel and how much health you can build.   Let's do this together.


Let's Do This!

Take my hand, I got you.

xoxo, Tammie

Certified Health Coach




If we look at food as nutrition and medicine, we can heal.  If we only want our next dopamine response, addiction will win. You make the choice.


Learning to manage stress and keep cortisol low, will help you decrease inflammation and heal your body.


Being mindful of everything in your home is one more level living a healthy lifestyle.  Eliminating toxins where you can will help.


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We can all do this

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