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Jennifer Lynn - Keto Kids Club Coach

Living this Keto Lifestyle as a Family


Hi I am Jennifer Lynn, the Keto Kids Club Leader. I married my high school sweetheart in 2014 and we have been together since 2006. We met as children running around and playing together with our families. My husband, Adam and I have two children together Harper and Maddox.  I am also, Tammie Laubacher's Daughter-in-Law.  

I am going to tell you how and why we started our Keto Lifestyle change. I started looking for a change because of my husband. I wanted to help him. I wanted to heal him and fix him. Adam was in a motorcycle accident in 2008 and suffered nerve damage to his left arm that left him with numerous health problems and in constant pain.  

Doctor after doctor wanted to keep prescribing him medications. Medication for pain, nausea, sleep and more! Then they placed a spinal cord stimulator in his back to help him get off his medication. We had hope that this would help with all of the above medications he had been placed on. After minimal success with this stimulator we looked for more answers.



I went through Aromatherapy Training and classes for essential oils to help him get off pain meds. The doctors just cut his original scripts in half and said good luck. Which if you have ever seen someone going through withdraw is heartbreaking and awful for them. We were using all that we knew to help with the symptoms. Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, and still eating the Standard American Diet,  as recommended by his doctor.  He was still in pain and he needed more help.

It was not until my Mother-in-Law, Tammie, started the keto diet that peaked my interest. I started the Dirty Keto Fad Diet in December 2018 and dropped quick weight. I hit a stall and was feeling sluggish. I kept trying, but was not understanding why I was still feeling so bad.  I felt like the sparkle had worn off. 



Fast forward 2021 still doing this Dirty Keto Diet. I was teaching 4-6 high intensity cardio classes a week. I was still not having success. Until I realized that HEY  a CARB IS A CARB. What is a net carb, is that a real thing? What do you mean to tell me, there isn't a little guy in there with a calculator figuring out the fiber in my carbs??? OHHHHHH!

Then comes the fun part I started listening to my Mother-in-law and the science. If you knew me in school I paid no attention to anything. BUT NOW I REALIZE, SCIENCE REALLY IS COOL!!!!

I followed the teachings that my mother-in-law had such amazing success with. I was listening to her. I was seeing her results with herself and her clients. I knew with her support, I could do this.  

I started my Keto Lifestyle 2021.  This is my lifestyle, not a fad diet. My husband and I changed our eating habits. I was gaining such mental clarity and feeling like a better version of myself.  And my husband was feeling better as well. 

Now my "why" was changing. I wanted to be better for my kids. I wanted to be better for me. I wanted to be the person I needed as a kid. 

Spring of 2022 came and I took the kids for their annual check up with the doctor. The doctor told me in front of my 9 and 11 year old that they were overweight and needed to be more active. I was confused due to this because they are both very active into sports and always goofing around playing. So why are they considered overweight? That could only mean the food that had damaged my husband and I, was also damaging our children. 

Then I realized that the lifestyle my husband and I were living needed to be shared with our kids. This was exciting for me to include our kids. This meant I was able to teach them the SCIENCE!!!!! 

This is where the real FUN happens. My kids started the Ketogenic Lifestyle with us. This may be difficult at times. They are kids, they learn from watching, and they adapt well. They are not deprived, they do not starve, and they are not neglected. My kids have learned so much about listening to their bodies and how their body reacts to certain things.   They are learning to read labels and understand how deceiving they can be.  Empowering the kids to make better choices is a total WIN as a parent.

The coolest part is they learned the SCIENCE. They have improved their grades and test scores. They are not as emotional, and their brains work at optimal level. They even made their own "characters" to explain how a cell works. And how the fat works with the liver to produce a ketone.




I always enjoy a good example so my kids understand EXACTLY what I mean. So here are some I use often in my house. 

What do we put in Harper's jr. dragster for fuel?       The answer is alcohol. I then ask the kids what would happen if we would put the wrong type of fuel. They answer,  it wouldn't run the correct way or would blow up the engine. Think of your body the same way. Don't you want to put the correct type of fuel in your body? Don't you want your body to run correctly. 

When we cook over the fire is it better to cook over the open flame or the coals? The coals are better to cook over, as it cooks with a more efficient source. Cooking over the flame will just cook the outside, and not all the way through.

These are just a few examples we use in our family to empower our kids to live this lifestyle.  This is how we teach them to function in a world full of sugar and carbs.  Teaching them now, to help avoid the health issues most kids and adults are dealing with on the Standard American Diet. 

We will be sharing recipes, and family ideas to help us all succeed in this journey.  Having a tribe of like minded people, will help us all succeed.

Learning to be the leader for the food choices in my home, is something I have learned to master without guilt.

I am excited to be a part of the Journey to Keto team.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you as we grow.  Building generational health is the goal we can all achieve.

If you would like to learn more about our struggles, and our successes.  Join us on our weekly Free Family Support Group.  Live on YouTube and Zoom.  Sign up at the bottom of this page.



Jennifer Lynn, Keto Kids Club


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Adam Keto Spouse

Adam Hying

Keto Spouse

Adam is the leader of the house. While being on keto he has reduced his asthma medication and has had mental clarity being in ketosis.

Harper Keto Kid

Harper Hying

Keto Kids Leader

Harper is our Keto Kids Leader. Harper has learned the benefits of having a body fueled by ketones. She enjoys racing her jr. dragster and playing basketball. Being fueled by ketones give her stamina to not get winded through sports.

Maddox Keto Kids Leader

Maddox Hying

Keto Kids Leader

Maddox is our Keto Kids Leader. Maddox enjoys learning, his favorite is Math. This year being fueled by ketones has pushed his brain to a higher function. He has became an advance member in Math and testing high in English. Maddox enjoys football and loves everything numbers.


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