Meet The Crew

Welcome to Our Tribe

Let me introduce you to the Journey to Healing Team.  We each have something extra to add to your Journey to Healing experience.  We can't wait to help you over the hurtles, and struggles of  transitioning to a complete ketogenic lifestyle that will last a lifetime.  All of us, lead by example, implementing this lifestyle to the best of our abilities through life.   Planting seeds of health with everyone we meet.  

Fueled by Coffee, Ketones, and Jesus Christ 



Tammie Laubacher, LMT

Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Medical Massage Therapist, Cancer Survivor

Hello, my name is Tammie Laubacher. I am a 21 year Breast Cancer Survivor, Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, Certified Primal Health & Dr. Boz Coach. I have been teaching in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years. On my Journey to Healing, I have been able to rid my body of over 15 medications, excess inflammation, heart disease, anxiety, depression, pre-diabetes, and neuropathy. I have become a student of my body and how to heal it. Glory to God, and this lifestyle for sparing my life, so I can now teach and share with each of you. If you want to become a healthier version of you, I would love to help you create your own Journey to Healing Lifestyle.


Lance Laubacher

Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach

Hello and welcome. My name is Lance Laubacher. I am Tammie's husband and partner in life. I joined Tammie on her health journey in 2019, and since then I have been able heal my body of inflammation and loose 75 lbs. in the process. We are able to do this Journey to Healing through the process of Nutritional Ketosis. This has changed our lives forever, I am the healthiest I have ever been. I look forward to helping you navigate your own journey. Welcome to our tribe, and to your Journey to Healing!!!


Jennifer Lynn

Keto Kids Club Leader, Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach

Hi, my name is Jennifer Lynn, I am a mother of 2, and wife to my high school sweetheart. I started on my Journey to Healing with my mother-in-law Tammie in 2019. Fast forward to now, I have lost 50 lbs, off of my small 5 foot frame, I am the healthiest I have ever been. I have more energy than ever before. I did the work, shifted my body chemistry, and changed my lifestyle. During this change, I have introduced this lifestyle to my husband and children by introducing better choices. This is how we can help show families that there are better options to eating. These options will help raise healthy bodies and brains in our children by empowering kids and parents alike to make better choices to directly affect their future health. Being the leader of the Keto Kids Club is something I can't wait to share with you and your children. To get to know me and my family better, come check out my bio and see how we live this lifestyle together. Click on my picture to read more about me and my Journey to Keto with my family.


James Norman

Ketogenic Chef

Hi, I am James Norman, Tammie's Brother. I fell in love with cooking and went to a vocational program for restaurant management. I thrived on the cooking side of it and found my passion. Directly after high school I entered the Army and remained on active duty for over six years. After leaving the Army for good. My health deteriorated, and my weight skyrocketed to nearly 300 lbs. December 2021, Tammie introduced me to Nutritional Ketosis. Tammie's lifestyle & keto coaching, along with Dr Boz's program, has been life changing. Since then, I have gone in 100%, full steam ahead. Now I am down to 160 pounds, with 15% body fat. I have completed two triathlons and a ½ Ironman. I now have the discipline and commitment to my own health. Since learning how carbs and sugar, of all kinds, affect the body. I have rekindled my love for cooking, and find myself back in the kitchen making delicious dishes, with no/low carb, high fat ingredients. I am excited to share these meals and recipes with you. Keeping these meals easy, clean, and simple will keep you on track, and on your Journey to Healing. I am able to carry out my duties as a South Carolina State Highway Patrolman, with excellence both physically and mentally. With Tina, the love of my life, by my side, and my close walk with Jesus Christ. I finally found the life, love and health I have always wanted. I am now ready help lead others to succeed in this lifestyle. I can't wait for you to join our family in this Journey to Healing.


Alyssa Laubacher

Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi! I'm Alyssa! I help out with SEO, managing the social media platforms and paid advertising campaigns, analytics research and reports, and so much more. I have experience working as a digital marketing specialist for a local ad agency, as well as experience as a production/social media assistant, helping with large format print and design work as well as monitoring social media channels for the company. I have also worked as a social media manager for a local animal shelter, managing their social media channels as well as helping arrange their events ad outreach, designing marketing materials and logos. I graduated from Youngstown State University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in marketing. Outside of work, I love being able to spend quality time with my friends and family, as well as reading a good book, listening to my favorite podcasts, and being an avid iced coffee connoisseur. Click on my photo to see more of my certifications.