Accountability with Metabolic Health

Summer is officially in full swing

here in our little town in Ohio.  May is always a busyTammie & Lance month for us.  Mother's Day, My Birthday, and Memorial Weekend.  As my big celebration month of the year comes to an end, this has left me time to reflect and see where each of us are in our Journey to Healing.  For me, this has been quite a few weeks in a row of not staying on our plan as we usually do. Weeks of traveling, and eating outside of our eating window, and eating at places we normally never do.  Weeks of not fasting and hitting the wonderful feeling of autophagy.  Weeks of just being off the rails. These weeks have been so many excuses and no accountability.  This has left me not feeling well, low energy, and just not feeling as good as I know I can.  I feel bloated and inflamed, and it is all by my own choices.   We go through this every May, and every year I seem to learn more and more about my body.  This year is no exception.  How many of these issues can you relate to?

What I have learned

  • I have learned just how fast all of my aches and pains start to return. 
  • I have learned how easy old habits creep back in. 
  • I have learned how diligent my body requires me to be to continue to heal.
  • Half-assed keto does not work for me! PROVEN AGAIN!
  • I have learned again what my body can tolerate, but more importantly, what it CAN NOT tolerate.
  • If I want to keep building health, then I need to STOP NOW, and hold myself accountable. 

I am now 57 trips around the sun.  I am blessed to be here, but I am human.  Even as a   Health Coach, I tooTammie at Umbrella Alley struggle with the conflict of knowing what my body   needs, and doing what my body NEEDS me to do.  Is this   process always easy?  Hell no!  But it works, and my health is   more important than any quick dopamine response from food.     This is the beauty of this course, checking my numbers and   knowing exactly where my body chemistry is, gives me the   answer again of what I already know! This is the power of   building health and taking responsibility for my own well being. 

 Every May seems to just be the reminder of years gone by.  Living in a realm of life that did not always build health.  Saying things to myself, that really do not serve the health path I want to be on.  Giving myself grace to enjoy my birthday, but also holding myself accountable to the step by step process that I know works for my health goals.  Are you reaching your goals?  Do you hold yourself accountable? Or are you in the pattern of making excuses for yourself?

Umbrella AlleyI really enjoyed the glass of wine with my hubby. And the piece of my favorite French Silk Pie that my sweet Mother-in Law made for my birthday.  I loved the night out with friends enjoying a new restaurant and some great food and seeing "Umbrella Alley".  Then another dinner date out at our favorite Japanese Steakhouse for some Maki and Sushi, this is always my favorite.Maki  I truly loved waking up and sitting on the balcony   listening to the spring sounds of the baby birds chirping, and the   roosters crowing, while enjoying that yummy, fresh from the farm, heavy cream in my coffee.  I absolutely loved my first try of a   "Crumbl" Cookie (OMG)!  I thoroughly enjoyed every darn minute of the family celebrations, the dates, and the dinners out, and the excuses, just like everyone else does. I loved it ALL!!! Grateful for every   person and moment that we shared this month with.  BUT, IT MUST STOP NOW! NO MORE EXCUSES!  

This is the equivalent to taking the alcoholic to the bar for "just one drink".  NO... this is not OK.  This is NOT what my body needs.  This is NOT what my brain needs.  My body spent years being addicted to carbs and sugar (even if it did come from fruits and veggies).  Searching for that dopamine response I used to thrive on is what my body knows how to do.  Stimulating or teasing this addiction in my brain is not what is best for my health.  So, it is time to STOP.  REGROUP and Focus on my goals.  Be grateful for the time of love and celebrations to cherish.  Learn from the experience, and MOVE ON!  Knowing how to break these addictions in my brain is the WIN!!!

Time to Focus

The two biggest lessons I am taking away from this year, is what I hope will help inspire each of you as well.   

     1.  "It is not about the FOOD! It is about the love of the people you share life with!  Out of all the delicious foods, and great restaurants we visited, and all the excuses for the amazing "treats" I allowed myself this month.... NOT ONE OF THEM compares to the love and gratefulness that came from the moments shared with the people I love so dearly.  It just confirms that having a grateful heart and truly taking in the moments and the people around you, is what life is all about.  Confirming... "IT IS NOT ABOUT THE FOOD, IT IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE YOU SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH".  The food did not make this month of celebrations so amazing, the people I love did.  So thank you to each and every one of you.  Family or friend, you all mean the world to me. I am blessed to call you "My Tribe".

No more excuses

     2.  Which brings me to the next lesson of EXCUSES.  My birthday month is coming to an end.  The celebrations are calming down.  And now it is time for me to STOP making excuses for myself.  Stop giving myself an out.  It is time to brush myself off, put my big girl panties on and do what I KNOW how to do. Do what will make my aches and pains go away.  Do what will help me sleep better, my anxiety and/or depression will be better. And I will have my mental clarity, and my energy levels back.  I know how to do this.  It is time to just do it! It is time to be accountable, and get going down this Journey to Healing track again.  ACCOUNTABILITY is what we all need.  Does this sound like you?


This is where we can all help each other.  I am going to put an accountability post for the next 21 days, over in our group Journey to Keto, that everyone is welcome to join. This group is FREE to everyone.  Come check in, share your struggles and your wins.  Share your numbers.  There is someone at every level in this group.  Be the leader, or learn from those ahead of you.  This group is your free connection to like-minded people, supporting one another along this journey.  Share your numbers and let me know where you are in your healing process. Together we can help each other through the summer season with love, grace and a swift kick in the seat to keep each other going.  Learning to enjoy the moments, and remembering it is not the food, it is the relationships and people that matter. 

If you are needing more individual one on one coaching, feel free to check out my coaching page HERE.  I will be starting my next group coaching through Keto Continuum soon.  Message me if you would like in the next group.

I will also be posting a "Keto Recipe" Idea section in the group to help us all through the summer gatherings.  Just another way to help us all connect and be accountable, but staying focused on our Journey to Healing! One Step, One Day at a time!

We love you all!  Time to do this!


Tammie Laubacher, LMT, PHC

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