Life After Cancer


Surviving cancer: now what?


Have you survived a potentially deadly disease and all that came with it? Only to not recognize the reflection in the mirror or the life you have been left with? This is exactly what happened to me and so many of my Survivor Warriors.

Conflicted Feelings with Life After Cancer Treatment

Surviving breast cancer, and the treatments to do so,  was a blessing. But my life as I knew it was gone. The feelings were so conflicting. One side was just thanking the good Lord, and being so happy to be alive and out of the nightmare of treatments. The other side was like walking out of a whirlwind tornado of life. Assessing the situation and damage, and wondering what the hell just happened.  

In The Beginning…

Before breast cancer, life was seemingly good. I was only 35 when I was diagnosed. I was a healthy and fit wife, and mother of two teenage kids.  We lived an above-average, clean and healthy lifestyle. We ate more than our share of fruits and veggies and did our best to keep our home and lives as toxic-free as possible. We owned and operated a Health & Fitness Studio, and I stayed active teaching fitness classes, personal training, and being a Medical Massage Therapist. Along with being a wife and mother of two active teenagers that were my reason for living, my life, and my heart and soul. Life was good until it wasn’t.

Finding the Middle Ground

Don’t get me wrong, I was very grateful to still be alive, which is a blessing that was spared to so many of my loved ones. Not recognizing my body is one thing, but to not recognize my health and the damage to it and my life after cancer treatment was a totally new battle to figure out and fight. If this sounds like you and your journey, don’t worry my warrior sisters & brothers. Let’s take a journey together.

In The End…

Coming out on the other side of life after cancer treatment is where this story and the real work begins. Finding my way back to health was not easy. But this is part of the journey I would like to share with you. I want to give you strength and direction, and most importantly HOPE. Hope to help you find your journey back to health, helping you avoid some of the struggles and pains. Sharing my ups and downs, my struggles, and my wins. Finding my way out of the “standard of care”. Refusing to settle for “this is just the way your life will be”, and being too damn bull-headed to stop trying to find the “answer” to getting this ship called life turned back around and on the right track. 

God has left me here for a purpose, and I truly feel my purpose is to help other survivors find their personal Journey to Healing in life after cancer treatment. To be able to walk out what your purpose in life truly is, to live your best, healthiest life possible, and to never take one breath of life for granted.  

I hope you will walk out this journey with me as we take one step closer to finding your path to health and happiness.