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Are you ready to regain your health and take control of your life? Have you survived a deadly disease, only to find yourself on fistfuls of medications, with declining quality of life? Would you like to take your keto journey to the next level, lose some weight, and reverse metabolic damage and insulin resistance? I will show you exactly how I have done just that. Let me help you set goals, stay accountable, and regain the life you have been missing through ketogenic lifestyle coaching. If you are ready and committed, then let's take that next step together.

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Dr Boz's Keto Continuum Course


One-time fee

Core Curriculum

Dr. Boz and Tammie Ketogenic Lifestyle CoachingDr. Boz Keto Continuum Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaching  This is the core curriculum we will use as we guide you through the steps of changing your body chemistry,  reversing insulin resistance, metabolic damage, and turning your body into a fat burning machine.  In this class, Dr. Annette Bosworth will teach you her life changing science of Keto Continuum. The chemistry shift taught here is the foundation of your keto journey at any level. 


*This is the required curriculum to join any of our group coaching classes.


One Hour

Keto Lifestyle Consultation


One-time fee

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You will get a 1 hour scheduled private evaluation consultation.  We will meet live on Zoom to evaluate your current body chemistry and help you determine your strategy to achieve your goals. 


Group Coaching

Keto Continuum 1-6


One-time fee

Beginner Group Coaching

We will meet for 6 weeks, live on zoom each week and take you through the beginning levels of  Keto Continuum.  We will help you establish a new chemistry and teach your body to become a fat burning machine.  This will have your chemistry established and ready to step in to the Advanced Group Coaching, if deeper healing is desired or needed. 

*Requirement for this group is to purchase Keto Continuum Core Curriculum.


Group Coaching

Keto Continuum 7-12


One-time fee

Advanced Group Coaching

This is the 6 week advanced chemistry shift that will carry you through to closing that eating window, to OMAD, to fasting, autophagy, and beyond.  This is where the magic happens for most of us with major health issues.   This group will meet live on zoom each week as we guide you over the struggles of advanced ketosis.

*Requirement for this group is to purchase Keto Continuum Core Curriculum.


Coaching Package

Six Private Consults


One-time fee

Private Coaching

You will receive 6 private consultations via zoom.  This will best serve veterans of Keto Continuum, or those already understanding nutritional ketosis.  


BRAINS.... From Trauma to Repair

Healing the Brains of Addiction with Annette Bosworth, MD


One-time fee

Brains from  Trauma to Repair Course


Brains from trauma to repair ketogenic lifestyle coaching

Healing brains is my passion. After helping thousands of patients heal their brains, the hunger for this information pushed me to build this course.

The Department of Defense hired me to teach soldiers and leaders. Conference seminars booked the 12-hour workshop to teach therapists and counselors. Communities in crisis taught their leaders how to help their community suffering from addiction.

This valuable education belongs in the minds of the people -not just the community leaders, therapists, and military.

The brain you have today does not need to be the brain you have forever. Learn how to repair your brain. This course offers that education.

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Annette Bosworth, M.D

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You have taken the first step in changing your life.

     Taking this step and committing to yourself is the beginning of your new life.  Making yourself a priority is key to improving your life.  Taking one step at a time, as you change your mindset and your habits.  Breaking old addictions, and building a new healthier lifestyle, will get you on the Journey to Healing.  So happy to be on this journey with you.