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Traveling with Kids and Keto

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How do you travel and what are your food options for the summer?

We find ourselves traveling quite a bit in the summer. Our daughter races a junior dragster which leaves us eating on the run most weekends at the track. I am not going to lie, I find the summer months easier. Throw some meat on the grill and everyone is good to go.  Grab some meat sticks and cheese and you have a plan in no time.

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As we travel in the summer I find it easier to make a meal plan and pack what we need.   I also struggle with down time and wanting to snack. If you don’t know the downfalls of snacking, join our classes www.journeytoketo.com to sign up. 

How we stay on track. Plan & Prep

We have a small propane grill we purchased on Amazon for $60.00. It is convenient to have on hand. I find it more versatile than a traditional grill, it is small and compact. We can do breakfast, lunch or dinner on it. So there are always options from egg omelets, hamburgers and hot dogs, to steaks. This makes meal planning so much easier. If you don’t have a generator when you're traveling, this it’s a great option and it's propane. If you do have option for electric or a generator I love having my crockpot on hand as well.


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A quick look at our food for a long weekend traveling is such:


Egg bakes 

Coffee with HWC

Water with LMNT or Ketones

Keto Sushi 

Quest chips or pork rinds

Keto fluff

Hot dogs 

Cucumber Salad

  • All options noted above are pre made to travel with. 
  • Recipe for Keto sushi -Recipe coming soon
  • Recipe for egg bakes - Recipe coming soon
  • Recipe for cucumber salad - Recipe coming soon
  • Recipe for keto fluff- Recipe coming soon

Remember when traveling to stick to your meal plan and menu. Do not buy anything that is not a necessity. Food is fuel for your body, not a hobby to take up your time. Stick to what you know when it comes to eating a nutritional ketosis meal. 

If you are having trouble with snacking while traveling try packing fun things to do. When at the track we enjoy reading, playing card games, drawing, or just talking and listening to music. If a snack is a must.  You can always turn to the meat sticks, cheese sticks, Quest Chips or Pork Rinds for a crunch.

Never leave home without your LMNT electrolytes to stay hydrated.  This will replace those over sugary, and chemically processed sports drinks.  And your Dr. Boz flavored ketones for some added sharpness and energy. 

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If you are traveling far and will be in the car long periods of time take a look at our up coming blog. Traveling in the Car on Keto!


Peace, Love, and Bacon Grease!

Jennifer Lynn, Keto Kids Club Coach



Traveling with Kids and Keto

How do you travel and what are your food options for the summer?

We find ourselves traveling quite a bit in the summer. Our daughter races a junior...

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