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Being Her Man



Lance Laubacher

I am Tammie's husband, a partner in life, and her biggest cheerleader.

Through our Journey to Healing, we have used Nutritional Ketosis to change our lives forever. This journey is full of struggles and wins, and everything in between. This is why it is so important to have family support, and this is where I come in. As the Man in her life, I am here to support, cheer, and encourage her through all the peaks and valleys that this journey will present. The Good, Bad and the Ugly will all be seen along the way, so I say "Be the Man!". Be the Man that helps their partner through this journey of healing and across the finish line! Be the support, be the strength, be the accountability, and be the MAN!! No one can do this alone, we ALL need support!! 

So join in and "Be the Man!!".


Being Her Man

You have to...


The support that you give can affect many different areas along this journey.


Everyone needs words of encouragement to stay out of the ditches on this journey. 


On this challenging journey, a coach is needed to cross that finish line a winner.


The spirit inside us drives us, grounds us, and grows us on this journey.


Your relationship is key to enjoying life. "Happy wife, happy life!"


This journey takes focus, both on the task at hand and the path that lies ahead.

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This is a Journey.....

Make it a Great one!!