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Beginning our Journey as a Keto Family

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Do you want to learn how I transitioned my entire house and family into this Keto Lifestyle?

IMG_4449I started slowly. I took it one day at a time, and made one decision at a time. This is a process.  Not something that happens in one day.  Educating our keto kids as we go, and as they could understand the process.  I will share with you some of the  fun learning characters we used to help the kids learn this process in a later post.  

The first thing that I did was determine that I am the Wife and the Mother.  I am the one that brings the food into our home.  I am the one that prepares the meals to nourish my family.  I am the one that has to get this process going in our home. Leading by example is what I needed to do.

I started by replacing the bad things with better choices. As an item ran out, I would determine if this was something that would build health in me and my family or would it deter from the goal I was setting for us?  When the sugary cereals, the pop-tarts or fruit snacks ran out, I did not replace them.  As the sugary drinks were used up, I would replace them with LMNT (order here), a flavored electrolyte drink, or Dr. Boz’s (order here) flavored ketones that my kids love.  Both are better options than the gatorade, or soda's they were drinking.  As the chips and crackers ran out, I replaced them with pork rinds or homemade cheese crackers.  Then we slowly transitioned milk to heavy cream. My kids love heavy cream instead of milk, so this was an easy one. We replaced the snacks with meat sticks, string cheese, berries, and nuts.  Slowly the shift began to happen.  Our “normal” foods began to change.  Even on the go, choices may not be perfect, but still better than our old ways of eating.  We are looking for consistency, not perfection.  Making the best choices for the options you have in front of you.

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I am a person who hates to waste food. I am very aware of the budget most of us live on, so I couldn’t just throw food away. Anything I could donate to the food drive at school (I was fortunate enough it was that time of year) I did. 

When the kids would ask why, I would simply explain we are healing our bodies and teaching our bodies to work at optimal level. This is where the teaching moments come in.  One step at a time is how we make the transition.  Empowering the kids, and giving them options to make better choices for themselves.

When the kids are resistant, or throwing a fit.  I have to remember, I am responsible for growing healthy bodies and brains in these kids.  They may not understand the process right now, but they will in time.  Be steady and firm.  They are really not going to die without chicken nuggets, pop tarts and french fries.  Take this as seriously as you would not letting them play in a dangerous area that would be bad for their health. Building health and nutrition as their brains are developing is just as important.  YOU can do this.

If you would like to Join our Private Keto Kids Club on Facebook.  Request to join HERE Please know this will be a private closed group.  Only open to the parents and children.  This group will be highly monitored and screened before access is given.  We want this to be a safe place for parents and kids to share their wins and struggles.


Love, Peace and Bacon Grease

Jennifer Lynn

Keto Kids Club Coach

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Beginning our Journey as a Keto Family

Do you want to learn how I transitioned my entire house and family into this Keto Lifestyle?

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