Fascia Blasting Carpal Tunnel



Want to learn how to treat carpal tunnel in the privacy of your own home


Are you tired of Dealing with Carpal Tunnel Pain, Tingling, and No Strength?

Do you want to learn to repair and prevent this in the privacy of your own home?

Carpal Tunnel is irritation of the Median Nerve at the wrist.  This can be caused by repetitive motion, strain, or inflamed and bound tissue.  Standard-of-care ways of Treating Carpal Tunnel can be painful and invasive.  Sometimes only a temporary fix to a lifelong problem, and often leaves more scar tissue to deal with after surgery resulting in yet another form of damaged tissue to deal with.  The pain and limitations of carpal tunnel can be debilitating.  The nights of no sleep from the tingling and numbness can be maddening

Most of us can not quit our jobs, or the repetitive motions that cause the trouble.  But we most certainly can learn to repair and prevent it.  Carpal tunnel treatment and prevention is something that needs to be worked on at home as part of your health care routine.  I will teach you how.  Together we can do this.

Take my hand as I personally lead you through your Fascia-Blasting process.


I am a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, trained in Myofascial Release.  In this class, I will take you through prepping, heating, treating, and maintaining Carpal Tunnel.  Once you learn the principles of how fascia works, you will be ready to build and repair your own fascia in the privacy of your own home.

We will hold this class LIVE on Zoom.  You will be able to interact with me as I work on a patient that actually has Carpal Tunnel.  I encourage you to have your Fascia Blaster Tools, a heat source such as a heating pad, and some massage oil ready for the class.   

I will also welcome you to bring a partner.  Think of this class as a great "two-fer".  I encourage you to have a partner with you to work on each other. This is not necessary,  and is at no extra charge for you, but will help with your treatment and progress.

What you will learn in this class:

  • The principles of what fascia actually does.
  • How to stimulate collagen production.
  • How to stimulate the healing response in your body.
  • How to comfortably break up scar tissue
  • How to increase your Range Of Motion
  • How you can learn to manipulate this fascia to be a benefit to your body.
  • How fascia begins in our body as a lubricant in our youth, and gradually becomes sticky, like an adhesive in our older years. 
This, along with surgeries, life accidents, and repetitive motions causes the build-up of scar tissue and decreased range of motion.  Learning to treat Carpal Tunnel through Fascia-Blasting can help reverse this damage and build healthy tissue moving forward. 


Order your Fascia Blasters to begin building your Fascia Blaster arsenal. More classes to follow.  Space is limited. Reserve your spot today in the form below.

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Interactive class will be Live on Zoom

99$ For this life changing class.





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