Tammie Laubacher LMT, HC

Here by the Grace of God. 21 year cancer survivor. The cancer didn't kill me but the treatment almost did. Now helping others learn to rebuild health after illness or disease. Primal Health Coach Student & Dr. Boz Coach

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Life After Cancer Treatment


Surviving a Deadly Disease: How Your Life After Cancer Treatment can be Turned Around

Have you survived a potentially deadly disease and all that came with it? Only to not recognize the reflection in the mirror or the life you have been left with?...

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Grace, Gratitude & Hope ~ Survival & A Comeback

 My very first blog post for my newfound health and life has to be a post on grace, gratitude & hope.

Grace & Gratitude are what fill my heart these days. Life looks much different now than it did 4 years ago.

Four years ago, being a breast cancer...

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